THE FUTURE RESOURCES team of engineers and railway specialists develops tailored made solutions for small and medium operating companies.

FUTURE RESOURCES helps its clients to identify their needs and deliver added value, expertise and quality in their services.
Our company has clients in the public sector as well as in the private industry.

We support clients in their numerical transformation and the design and architecture of innovative solutions to achieve their performance objectives.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Technology policies.
  • Design of information systems architecture.
  • Electronic data interchange and internet of things.
  • Operational data models.
  • Project appraisal and project management.

We develop hardware
and software.

FUTURE RESOURCES develops high end and durable software packages.
Our team has specialized itself in the development of real-time operational « event-tracking » systems applied to a wide variety of sectors.

To support our solutions, we are also developing specific hardware devices such as LORA-based sensors and remotely controlled railway signals.
Our tailor-made hardware and software solutions are developed and produced with very short production cycles compared to main competitors.

Our services
Train Future resources

A Wide Variety of Sectors in Consultance Services

  • Measurement monitoring systems (industrial, environmental and scientific systems).
  • Transport logistics : fleet and equipment management systems (railways, road haulers, ports) multimodal transport coorridors.
  • Administrative systems and data security.
  • Geo-positioning and tracking systems.
  • Data communications architecture and solutions with Internet, radio, satellite, TETRA, LORA, Internet of things.

Let's build your solution

FUTURE RESOURCES is a railway technological spin off proficient in the design, development and implementation of smart management systems by and for railway operators.

FUTURE RESOURCES offers a series of innovative, robust, energy autonomous products with high return on investment.