FUTURE RESOURCES was created to provide high-end consulting services and has developed unique high-technology innovative systems to optimize business processes.

With an eye on the transport sector FUTURE RESOURCES originally supported the design and implementation of RailTracker, a railway Advance Cargo Information System, over half of the African railways, Thailand and Bangladesh in South-East Asia, from the early '90s till today.

Over the last 30 years FUTURE RESOURCES performed many consultancy assignments in various sectors in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. It has designed and developed high technology hardware and software, and worked, based on its experience, to provide the best feasibility studies. Future Rresources participates in a series of research projects aimed at promoting the use of cutting-edge technologies in the rail sector.

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We promote a sustainable development and a holistic approach that takes into account interests of all stakeholders. FUTURE RESOURCES also invests in technological start-up companies and provides coaching to assist their development.

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Feasibility studies or/and installation of computerized wagon control systems in several railways in Europe, Russia, Southern Africa and South-East Asia with SEMA, SAIC, COMAZAR, TRANSURB and funded by UN, EU, IBRD, EDF, BERD, USAID, KfW, etc.

A few references
  • A few references

  • The transport consulting team has provide
    more than 30 years expertise in the management of railways operations.
  • Design and development of a multinational XML-based messaging system between 8 railway networks in Southern Africa (USAID, SAIC).
  • Feasibility study for the introduction of a national EDI / EDIFACT system in India, among partners in the foreign trade (WORLD BANK).
  • Overall design, detailed specifications and development of computer applications in various sectors (electric power, banks, ports, railways, urban transport).
  • Study for the installation of an EDI / XML container tracking system along the Calcutta/Nepal corridor (WORLD BANK).

FUTURE RESOURCES has developed a number of state-of-the-art safety systems aimed at enhancing operational safety.

FUTURE RESOURCES is the solution if you need Safety improvement at critical locations along the track, real-time tracking or many other safety and performance solutions along the track.

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Our Worldwide Projects

45 installations in 33 countries

Country Organisation Project Funding
Bulgaria State Railway Railway information system Railway information system
Russia Soviet Railways System advisory BERD
Lebanon Port of Beirut Consultancy, port information system World bank
Uzbekistan Caspian transport corridor System Advisory EU (TRACECA)
Pakistan State Railway System Advisory UNCTAD
India Concor, Indian Railways System Advisory World Bank
Nepal Dry Ports System Advisory World Bank
Bangladesh Bangladesh Railways Consultancy, Railway information systems UN ESCAP / KFW
Vietnam Vietnam National Railways Railway information systems UNCTAD
Cambodia National Railways of Cambodia System advisory / concession bid (public) Vecturis
Colombia Ferrocarril del Pacifico Railway information system Trafigura
Peru Ferrocarril Central Andino System advisory / concession bid (private) Trafigura
Chile FCAB/Ferronor System Advisory FQM
Argentina Trenes Argentinos System Advisory FQM
Uruguay Administracion de Ferrocarriles del Estado System Advisory Auraxis
Brazil Vitoria transport corridor System Advisory UNCTAD
Senegal Senegal Railway (SNCS) Railway information system World Bank
Senegal Port of Dakar Port information system UNDP
Mali Mali Railway (RCFM) Railway information system World Bank
Ivory Coast SICF Railway information system World Bank
Burkina Faso SCFB Railway information system World Bank
Nigeria Nigeria Railway Corporation Consultancy -
Guinea CFB/GAC corridor Consultancy -
Cameroon Camrail Railway information system KFW / Camrail
Cameroon CNCC Port information system UNDP
Gabon Transgabonais/Setrag Railway information system IFC / Setrag
Congo (PRC) CFCO System advisory / track access agreement bid (private) Trafigura
Congo (DRC) SNCC Railway information system UNDP / SNCC
Angola CFB (Beguenla) and CFM (Moçamedes) Railways Consultancy / concession bid (private) Trafigura
Angola CFB (Beguenla) and CFM (Moçamedes) Railways Consultancy / concession bid (private) Trafigura
Sudan World Bank
Djibouti-Ethiopia CDE System advisory / concession bid (public) Vecturis
Uganda Ungada Railways Railway information system UNDP
Kenya Kenya Railways Railway information system UNDP
Kenya Port of mombasa Port information system UNDP
Tanzania Tanzania Railway Corporation Railway information system EU
Tanzania Tanzania Zambia Corporation Railway information system EU / USAID
Malawi Malawi Railways / CEAR Railway information system UNDP / USAID
Zambia Zambia Railways Railway information system EU / USAID
Mozambique CFM Railways System Advisory USAID
Mozambique, Malawi Nacala corridor railway Consultancy Donors
Zimbabwe National Railway of Zimbabwe Railway information system USAID
Madagascar Madarail System advisory Vecturis
Swaziland Swaziland Railway Consultancy UNCTAD
South Africa Transet Consultancy USAID